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Bridgeway Diagnostics is an American College of Radiology computed tomography accredited facility Bridgeway Diagnostics is an American College of Radiology MRI accredited facility

1910 E. Samford Avenue

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a technique that uses a powerful magnet and radio waves to create detailed images of the organs, tissues, bones, and internal body structures. It is one of the safest and most comfortable diagnostic imaging studies available.  MRIs are measured by teslas (T), the strength of their magnet.  Bridgeway Diagnostics utilizes a 1.5T MRI.

How It Works

In our line of work, the tools and technology really do make a difference. Our GE MRI scanner is a very good example of the newest technology in clinical imaging. We made a significant investment in this new equipment because precision imaging can truly save lives.

Our scanner can identify and image extraordinarily fine detail, allowing us to identify anomalies earlier or faster.  It’s design is easy on patients, too: Its opening is wider and the bore shorter than other MRI scanners, making it faster and more comfortable including larger patients or those who may be considered claustrophobic.  Unlike some other scanners in the area, ALL exams can be conducted with feet first or head-first entry.

We also have the capability of imaging patients with metal implants such as knee, hip and shoulder replacements, among others.  Many other scanners in this area do not have this capability.

For renal impaired patients or those with a contrast allergy, we offer head to toe non-contrast vascular imaging, including renal artery exams and bilateral lower extremity runoffs.

More About Our Equipment

There are many reasons to use an MRI scanner to image organs, tissues or skeletal systems.  MRIs are used to image everything from the brain and spinal cord, to heart, blood vessels, and all extremities. MRIs are often used to help diagnose aneurysms, multiple sclerosis, stroke, tumors, heart disease, disorders of the eye and inner ear, tumors or abnormalities of many organs, arthritis, joint disorders, sports injuries, and more.  

Why We Do It

During your visit, a technician will show you to the changing area to change into a gown if necessary.  Our changing rooms offer secure lockers, but we encourage patients to leave valuables at home.  Once changed, our technician will guide you to the MRI room.

The technologist is specially trained and certified by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists to take care of you during your MRI scan. A device called a coil will be placed around the area of your body we are scanning. Once you are comfortable, the technologist will move the table into the MRI scanner. With Bridgeway’s scanner, you may enter head first or feet first for all exams. You will be able to speak to and hear the MRI technologist over an intercom.  

The scan takes from 15-30 minutes depending on the purpose of your scan. There is light and plenty of air within the magnet. The procedure is painless. You don't feel the magnetic field or radio waves, and there are no moving parts around you.  The equipment does not touch your body but you will hear buzzing and tapping noises from the machine. These sounds are normal and will last a few minutes. We will supply you with earplugs and/or headphones. You are welcome to listen to your own music on your own device – just let your technologist know and they will set it up for you.

Depending on your situation, you may receive an injection during the procedure. The injection is called “contrast” and allows for greater visibility of some parts of the body. Some patients describe a metallic taste or cool sensation after the injection. This is normal and usually subsides quickly.

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Your Results

A highly specialized radiologist will interpret your images and prepare a diagnostic report for your physician within 24 hours. If your exam was ordered “stat” your physician will be notified of the interpretation as soon as possible the same day. Your physician will determine how the radiologists' report can be used to develop a treatment plan and will speak with you about your results.

Q: What about radiation?

A: There is no radiation exposure associated with an MRI.

Q: What if I have a metal implant, like a knee, hip or shoulder replacement?

A: We can image patients with metal implants such as knee, hip and shoulder replacements, among others.  Many other scanners in this area do not have this capability.

Q: I’ve heard that an MRI can be very claustrophobic, especially for larger people. Is that correct?

A: Some patients feel claustrophobic in standard MRI scanners. Our GE  1.5T wide bore MRI is designed to accommodate larger patients and to minimize claustrophobia for people of all sizes.   Its imaging capability is significantly greater than an “Open” MRI, providing your physician with more detailed images and more likely to provide conclusive results.

Q: My doctor says that my kidneys may not tolerate contrast but he wants me to have a scan of my vascular system.  What can Bridgeway do to provide my physician with the images he would like to see?

A: Bridgeway can perform head to toe non-contrast vascular imaging including renal artery exams and bilateral lower extremity runoffs for renal impaired patients or those with a contrast allergy.

Frequently Asked Questions

A quality MRI study is dependent on your ability to remain still because movement can blur the images.  If you are taking any medication, please continue taking it as prescribed.  If you feel you may be in too much pain to remain still, please consult your referring physician who may prescribe a pain medication for your study.   If you are claustrophobic, please alert your referring provider so they can discuss pre-treatment options with you.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Please note:

• If you have an implanted medical device, be prepared to provide the manufacturer name, model number and device name to the technologist.

• Jewelry, including piercings, must be removed prior to your study. We encourage you to leave all jewelry at home.

• You may listen to music during the scan. If you have specific music preferences, please inform your technologist at the time of your scan. (If you prefer something besides the radio, bring your iPod or a CD.)

Safety Notes

Please alert your technologist if you:

• Have renal disease, a kidney transplant, diabetes, or gout.  Kidney or liver problems may limit the use of injected contrast during your scan.

• Have a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator.

• Have aneurysm clips.

• Have other implantable devices such as a heart valve, middle ear prosthesis (cochlear implant) or implanted neurostimulator.

• Know or suspect that you have metal fragments (bullet, shrapnel, or other type of metal fragment.

• Think you're pregnant. The effects of magnetic fields on fetuses aren't well understood. Your doctor may recommend choosing an alternative exam or postponing the MRI

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Musculoskeletal/ Extremity Imaging

At Bridgeway Diagnostics we use specially designed flexible coils to make your exam more comfortable. Most extremity exams take 20-25 minutes or less. We can image all extremities feet first or head first. Our advanced technology even allows us to image metal implants such as Hip, Shoulder and Knee replacements!

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Why we do it

Extremity MRIs help us to evaluate joints such as shoulder, knee, hip, wrist or ankle. We can help classify sprains and strains with the ligaments or muscles involved and any additional injuries. MRI is used to precisely characterize osteomyelitis as well as tumors of the bone or tissues around the bone.

Brain Imaging

Bridgeway Diagnostics uses some of the most advanced technology available to acquire precise images of your brain, including diffusion weighted images for accurate diagnosis of acute stroke as well as advanced diffusion tensor imaging of nerve fiber tracts. Most exams take 20-25 minutes or less.

Why we do it

Brain imaging is often the test of choice to detect acute stroke or extent of stroke. MRI allows us to evaluate and characterize tumors including pituitary or vascular abnormalities. MRI is also useful to diagnose and characterize Multiple Sclerosis and Vasculitis among other disease processes. Most exams take 25-30 minutes or less.

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Spine Imaging

Bridgeway Diagnostics brings a whole new dimension to spine imaging with advanced motion compensation imaging to reduce your imaging time from repeat imaging, to the ability to image any part of your spine, feet or head first. Our adjustable table and coils also allow for imaging often difficult kyphosis. Our scanner offers exquisite detail allowing our physicians to examine your spinal cord, nerve roots, and surrounding bone and tissues giving you and your physician confidence in an accurate diagnosis! Most exams take 20-25 minutes or less.

Why we do it

Spine imaging is often the test of choice to evaluate disc protrusions or extrusions as well as degenerative changes causing pain not responsive to conservative therapy. We can evaluate the spinal cord and nerve roots for pathology as well as find and characterize tumors that may be involving your nerve roots or spinal canal.

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Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis

At Bridgeway Diagnostics our advanced MRI equipment allows us to use free-breathing techniques compensating for motion to image patients that would otherwise be unable to undergo MRI. Our images are detailed allowing for precise evaluation and accurate diagnosis! Most exams take 30-45 minutes or less depending on the indication.

Why we do it

Body imaging is often the test of choice to further evaluate for conditions such as pancreatitis or cirrhosis. We also use MRI to find or characterize tumors such as liver,pancreas, kidney or adrenal tumors. MRI gives excellent clarity of the female reproductive organs for evaluation of the uterus and ovaries among many other uses.

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Vascular/ Angiogram (MRA/MRV) Imaging

MRI is an excellent noninvasive tool to evaluate the vascular structures of the brain or neck as well as the rest of the body.

Why we do it:

We can evaluate for blockages or aneurysm along with renal artery evaluation and lower extremity vascular imaging. For those with renal impairment our advanced technology can provide Head to Toe Non-contrast Vascular Imaging!

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Breast MRI

A breast MRI captures multiple images of your breast.   In certain situations, such as for women with high risk of breast cancer, breast MRI may be used with mammograms as a screening tool for detecting breast cancer.  Breast MRI also may be used to assess the extent of breast cancer.  Breast MRI is intended to be used in addition to a mammogram or another breast-imaging test — not as a replacement for a mammogram. Although it's a sensitive test, breast MRI can still miss some breast cancers that a mammogram will detect.   

Why we do it:

Breast MRI is most often used to screen for breast cancer in women thought to have a high risk of the disease. Your doctor may recommend a breast MRI if:

At Bridgeway Diagnostics, we will perform a risk assessment for you and provide you with a breast cancer risk assessment calculation along with your report.  You may wish to review the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool to familiarize yourself with the type of questions that will be posed to develop the calculation.

To prepare for a breast MRI, your doctor may recommend that you schedule your MRI for the beginning of your menstrual cycle.  If you're premenopausal, we may prefer to schedule your MRI at a certain point during your menstrual cycle, around days seven to 14. Let Bridgeway Diagnostics know where you are in your cycle when you call to schedule your appointment so that optimal timing for the breast MRI can be arranged.

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