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Bridgeway Diagnostics is an American College of Radiology computed tomography accredited facility Bridgeway Diagnostics is an American College of Radiology MRI accredited facility

The Fluoroscopy unit uses an X-ray beam, passed through the body to create an X-ray ‘video.’  The images are captured and viewed on a fluoroscope, which looks like a small television. While a traditional X-ray produces a single image, fluoroscopy studies produce real-time video of the anatomy and how it moves.

How It Works

This imaging is conducted for a wide range of uses, all of which share the need to review body function in action. In addition to skeletal images, fluoroscopy is used to look at the digestive, urinary, respiratory and reproductive systems. However, there are many other instances for which this is a useful study.

Why We Do It Back to Top

With most exams, you are given a contrast material that acts as a dye, highlighting specific areas to promote visibility and examination accuracy.  Contrast is given using different methods, most commonly in the form of oral liquid, or injection.

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Your Results

A radiologist who is specially trained to interpret fluoroscopy images will review them.  If the examination was ordered “stat” your physician will be notified as soon as possible the same day. If the examination was routine, the results are provided to your physician within 24 hours.

You will receive preparation instructions specific to your exam at the time you schedule your appointment. Because of the risk of radiation exposure to the fetus, pregnant women are advised to avoid this procedure.  In all cases, alert us if you are diabetic or if you have had a previous allergic reaction to IV contrast.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment unless otherwise indicated.

Prep & Safety Back to Top

Q: What about radiation? Should I worry about exposure?

A: This procedure uses more radiation than a typical X-ray. To minimize exposure, we have invested in equipment and staff that obtain the best quality images with the least amount of exposure.

Q: What part of my body receives the radiation?

A: It depends on the purpose of the study.  Bridgeway Diagnostics has taken the Image Gently and Image Wisely Pledges.  We will always use the least amount of radiation possible to obtain the necessary images.

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Our staff of highly qualified technologists work closely with our radiologists to utilize protocols tailored to each patient in order to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis possible.

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Bridgeway Diagnostics is a Physician owned Diagnostic Radiology Practice providing a full range of screening and diagnostic imaging services.                      

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